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Zeidler Holzkunst Seiffen Firmensitz

In family tradition since 1866 desired Seiffener of products of wood art is manufactured. In the beginning it were importance wooden toys.


Today, in modern production facilities from high-quality craft products such as precious woods Pyramids, Arches, Advetsstick, music boxes but also year-round products.



Zeidler Holzkunst Lager Seiffen

Office and exhibitionroom ( Companyplace in Seiffen)
   Distribution warehouse Seiffen


After handing over the business to his son, André Zeidler, called the company now Zeidler Artistic Woodcarvings Co. In autumn 2007, Zeidler wood art the traditional operating Esco. The trademark of Esco is the "spitzohrige Rabbit", but also costumes groups, the season's figures, angels and music boxes are available in various versions.

Zeidler shops

 Zeidler Holzkunst Verkauf Seiffen


The workshopsell is providing a direct purchase of the whole assortment of complete yearly articles and christmas articles for all friends of woodart.


All products have the guarantee of origin, developed in Germany and manufactured to be.



Our sales facilities:

• 09573 Hammerleubsdorf, Tannmühle 2
• 09548 Seiffen, Hauptstraße 63
• 09548 Seiffen, Hauptstraße 90

• 04109 Leipzig, Im Alten Rathaus 1
Productionhall and Workshopselling from Esco in Hammerleubsdorf
Zeidler, Hauptstraße 43, SeiffenZeidler, Hauptstr. 90, Seiffen
 Zeidler Holzkunst Leipzig
Hauptstraße 43, Seiffen
Hauptstraße 90, Seiffen
  Am Alten Rathaus 1, Leipzig


Fittinghall, Productionhall and Warehouse                                      Warehouse                                                                Development- and Produtionhall


  Woodwarehouse Woodwarehouse  




Messestand Zeidler Holzkunst

The exhibitionstand from the Zeidler company is representating on the "CADEAUX Leipzig" in spring and autumn. High-grade craftman products and exclusive innovations you can amaze here.